Greenhouse Company

Novedades Agrícolas S.A. was founded in 1978 and although initially it began manufacturing and installing trickle watering systems, it soon evolved by incorporating new business lines, directly related with intensive production, such as the installation of greenhouses, screens, construction of gardens, large parks and green spaces, heating, substrates, humidification, climate control, osmosis, reservoirs, etc.

Novedades Agricolas developed into a pioneer company in Spain, constantly growing and absolute leader in its sector, as well as becoming the Spanish company with most international projection in this field through its international & Greenhouses Department APR Greenhouses & Technology.

The mission of Novedades Agrícolas is to investigate, develop and discover solutions to make the different stages of plant growing more profitable, productive and efficient, as well as to assist in the continuous improvement and transmission of know-how to our staff and our clients. In this way we grow together.


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    More than 35 years working alongside the farming community has served to deliver solutions for the needs that our clients require from us and so reach the position of leading company.
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    AENOR Certificate

    The AENOR Certificate conforms to the UNE/EN/ISO 9001:2008 model guaranteeing: design, assembly, irrigation system maintenance, fertigation installations, reservoirs waterproofins, greenhouses, climate control systems in greenhouses and osmosis desalination equipment, fertigation machinery manufacturing, filter machinery and osmosis desalination plants as well as the sale of irrigation and fertigation material.

    Obtaining the Certificate AENOR UNE / EN / ISO 14001: 2004 demonstrates our commitment to environmental quality. We work to develop an intelligent agricultural systems whilst respecting the environment.

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    Our working philosophy is based on close and permanent collaboration with our clients, who are our reason for being and permanent auditors of our work.. 



    Our goal is excellence in service and capacity to respond, as well as the promotion of professionalism and team work
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    Ongoing learning will be the keystone to our growth and our international expansion.
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    In its Equality commitment, adopted at the Equality Commission, the implementing of an Equality Plan based on the introduction of measures to ensure equal treatment between men and women and to eliminate all forms of direct or indirect discrimination gender. Defining their goal, among others, guarantee the principle of effective equality of treatment and opportunities between women and men through its integration in the HR quality management, materialized in the adoption of equal opportunities policies that ensure full and active involvement, retention, training and promotion of women, in order to develop the potential and skills of all staff.